When you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants services at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby can be a great way to prevent structural and misalignment issues. When one or more of your teeth are missing, your remaining teeth may shift or move in response, leading to misalignment. Dental implants can help prevent additional issues related to tooth loss while providing you with a natural-looking replacement for your missing natural tooth or teeth.

Missing teeth are one of the most prevalent dental problems in the United States. More than 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, while another 40 million Americans are missing all of their natural teeth. Overall, 30% of adults 65 years of age or older are missing all of their teeth. When you are missing one or more teeth, you are more likely to experience additional dental problems, such as infections, gum disease, and future tooth loss. Specialty dental services at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby provide dental implants as one solution to this ongoing problem. To learn more about the benefits of this treatment option, reach out to Lovett Dental Upper Kirby today at 713-490-8888.

Do I Need Dental Implants?an example of dental implants

Tooth loss impacts nearly 25% of all American adults. The main causes of tooth loss include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Extractions in response to infections
  • Gum disease
  • Bone disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Traumatic injuries

Overall, the leading cause of tooth loss is tooth decay. Although tooth decay is preventable with routine teeth cleaning and dental exams from Lovett Dental Upper Kirby, it can cause major problems when left untreated. Tooth decay causes cavities in your teeth. When tooth decay isn’t treated, the decay can expand and destroy your tooth. Dental cavities are treated by general dentists who remove the decay and fill the tooth to prevent further damage. When tooth decay reaches the pulp in your tooth, you can experience a serious infection or abscess.

Smoking is another major contributor to tooth loss, as smokers are three times as likely to experience gum disease than non-smokers. Gum disease causes small pockets and gaps to develop between your gum line and teeth, which causes loose teeth. Ultimately, the damage may force you to have one or more teeth extracted.

If you have a back tooth or molar removed, you can experience significant misalignment as your remaining teeth shift to fill the gap. Dental implants services from Lovett Dental Upper Kirby prevent these complications from occurring by implanting an artificial tooth. Missing a front tooth can lead to social and psychological problems, such as experiencing shame or embarrassment. Dental implants can create artificial replacements for front teeth that look natural.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that promotes natural bone growth. Dental implant services at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby are also one of the only ways to prevent shifting in your mouth after a tooth is extracted. When you have a tooth extracted, your remaining teeth must compensate. This can cause other teeth to move and shift to fill the gap, leading to jaw pain and an improper bite.

When you decide to get dental implants, it is important to address any underlying dental issues you may have. Teeth are extracted due to some form of dental disease, making it imperative to have your dentist address the issue before you receive dental implants. If you have severe tooth decay or gum disease, a specialty dentist can help resolve the problem before receiving your dental implants.

Dental implants are permanently affixed to your jawbone during a simple outpatient procedure. Dental implants can last for twenty years or more, especially if you practice proper dental hygiene.

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If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants are a great way to preserve your dental health. However, before you seek dental implants, it may be necessary to seek additional dental treatment options. For instance, if your jaw has some form of damage, you may need a bone graft. Once you get implants, you need to care for them as you would your other teeth. This means getting a dental exam at least twice a year, as well as regular teeth cleanings. Fortunately, Lovett Dental Upper Kirby is a full-service dental office, meaning that we offer a wide array of treatment options, including:

Dental implant services at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby are safe, effective, and natural-looking. Contact Lovett Dental Upper Kirby to find out more about dental implants or schedule an appointment. Call us today at 713-490-8888 or contact us online.