Untreated tooth decay can cause staining, gum disease, and infections, requiring specialty dental services. Specialty dental services at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby include root canal treatment, dental bonding, and dental braces. The best way to prevent tooth decay is to practice proper dental hygiene and to see your dentist at least once annually.

While dental cavities are the most common dental problem in the country, with more than ninety percent of adults having at least some tooth decay, conditions like tooth infections and gum disease impact millions of Americans annually. 

A large number of adults also have untreated tooth decay, with as many as ninety-two percent of adults having at least one cavity in their permanent teeth. While tooth decay can be fixed quickly and painlessly, allowing tooth decay to go untreated can lead to major dental issues.

Do I Need Specialty Dental Services?

specialty dental services texasTooth decay is by far the most common dental issue among children and adults. Tooth decay occurs when food particles and bacteria become trapped in your mouth, usually between your teeth. Other times, poor lifestyle choices can cause damage to your teeth. Routine visits to general dentistry at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby help prevent tooth decay.

Smoking and consuming large amounts of sugar increases your risk of developing tooth decay. The acids required to break down sugar help feed bacteria, which is why brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits are so important.

Tooth decay can also lead to plaque build-up. While plaque can be removed by brushing, if it remains on your teeth too long, it can harden into tartar. Our dental specialist services have seen problems like infections and gum disease develop from untreated tooth decay. Dental specialist services can remove tartar before it damages your teeth and mouth.

Another common dental problem is missing or damaged teeth. When you are missing a tooth, dental specialist services can prevent further damage by offering dental implants. 

Leaving a missing tooth unaddressed can cause your teeth to become misaligned or for your gums to be exposed to bacteria. Specialty dental services ensure that minor and mild dental problems don’t develop into serious or painful problems.

Specialty Dental Services at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby

Dental specialist services may be necessary if you have developed certain dental problems. Specialty dental services can provide:

If you have crooked teeth or serious gaps between your teeth, specialty dental services can use braces to properly straighten and realign your teeth. Dental veneers are an excellent option if you have multiple teeth missing. Another common procedure performed by specialty dental services is root canal treatment.

Root canals are necessary when tooth decay causes the pulp in your tooth to become infected. An infection can also cause a tooth abscess to develop. Tooth infections are very painful and require immediate treatment. Your pulp becomes infected because tooth decay creates a gap in which bacteria can reach the interior of your tooth. 

Once the infection is eradicated, Lovett Dental Upper Kirby dental specialty services can remove existing decay and seal your tooth with a crown. The other option to treat a severe tooth infection is to remove the infected tooth. Once the tooth is removed, specialty dental services in Upper Kirby can install a dental implant, which is a natural-looking artificial tooth.

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Regular dental visits are the best way to prevent painful and serious dental conditions. Waiting until you experience symptoms of a dental problem, which almost always involve intense pain, is never a good idea. Most, if not all, dental problems are preventable with regular dental visits. Contact Lovett Dental Upper Kirby for general or specialty dental services.

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