There are certain times when a tooth has become so damaged due to decay or trauma that it cannot be realistically saved. If it is determined unsalvageable, the dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. While losing a permanent tooth isn’t ideal, Lovett Dental Upper Kirby offers restoration options to get patients smiling confidently again after tooth removal. However, getting to a dental professional as soon as possible increases the chances of saving the tooth. Delaying proper examinations and pursuing treatment could render the tooth a total loss and require potentially costly dental restoration.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Extractions?Doctor prepares a patient for a tooth extraction

Our Lovett Dental Upper Kirby professionals will not recommend oral surgery or manual tooth removal unless all other options to save the tooth have been explored. Some situations that play a role in deciding that a tooth extraction is the best course of action include:

  • The presence of heavy decay and tooth erosion beyond repair.
  • Indications of periodontal disease affecting the gums, bone, and ligaments
  • Impacted teeth below the gum line.
  • Tooth overcrowding and shifting of other teeth or misalignment of the bite.
  • Traumatic injury resulting in severely broken teeth that cannot effectively be capped or crowned.

Should teeth extractions be necessary, our Lovett Dental Upper Kirby dentists offer safe, pain-free tooth removal options. That being said, the goal is to provide you with compassionate care with exceptional results that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Lovett Dental Upper Kirby’s Tooth Extraction Process

We strive to ensure that our patients are comfortable and relaxed during tooth removal and oral surgery procedures. Those who have anxieties about visiting the dentist may benefit from our sedation dentistry services. Otherwise, we’ll get started with safe, monitored anesthesia to eliminate pain during tooth removal. We offer nitrous oxide gas sedation, traditional oral injections, and IV drip anesthesia should the procedure involve multiple teeth or be expected to last several hours.

There are two methods of extracting teeth: surgical extractions and simple manual extractions. Both call for local anesthesia. Simple extractions are often possible when a good portion of the tooth is present above the gum line. Surgical methods are used when the tooth isn’t fully erupted or has broken down to or beneath the gums. Using X-rays and other diagnostic tools, a Lovett Dental Upper Kirby dentist will discuss the safest and most effective options for each tooth in question.

Restoration Options After a Tooth Extraction

Once the gums and removal site have properly healed, many patients are eager to look into ways to fill in the missing spot. Dental restoration is a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Effective ways to reestablish a natural-looking smile include:

Depending on the teeth extraction and restoration method chosen, a general family dentist, endodontist, periodontist, and other dental professionals may be involved in the process.

We Do More Than Teeth Extractions at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby

Lovett Dental Upper Kirby is privileged to have a large team of experienced dentists and board-certified specialists who can meet the entire family’s dental needs. Beyond family and general dentistry, we offer pediatric and orthodontic care, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery.

Not only can we handle your need for tooth extraction, but Lovett Dental Upper Kirby can assist with routine and emergency dental needs as well. Whether it is time for a cleaning or a nagging cavity is causing discomfort, our team can address your dental issue and get you back to feeling your best. Lovett Dental Upper Kirby will do everything possible to help get your dental health back on track. Contact us today at 713-490-8888, or contact us online to schedule a professional consultation.