No matter how hard you work on keeping your teeth healthy, there may come a day when you lose one, multiple, or maybe even all of them. In that case, you may be faced with the prospect of dentures. It is not a fun experience, but dentures can help you continue to enjoy eating and provide a cosmetic lift to your smile.

Dentures are man-made removable “appliances” that replace lost teeth. They are made to specification to fit your own personal situation and are intended to resemble your existing natural teeth. Nobody likes the prospect of dentures, but the alternatives are worse. If you have reached this point in your life, Lovett Dental Upper Kirby can help with our professional services.

What Are Dentures?dentist showing a patient a pair of full dentures

Dentures take the place of your natural teeth. You do not necessarily have to lose all your teeth or be a certain age to qualify for them. Sometimes people suffer from sports injuries or other injuries that result in lost teeth. Dentures can then replace those lost teeth. There are three different types:

  • Conventional: These are fully removable and designed to look like a full set of teeth. These go in once the last tooth is out and your gums heal.
  • Immediate removable dentures: These are installed the same day your remaining teeth are taken out.
  • Overdentures: Overdentures are any removable dental prosthesis that covers and rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, the roots of natural teeth, or dental implants.

Whichever form is right for you, dentures will take some getting used to. They will not feel the same as your normal teeth and will take time to settle into where they feel normal. You will also need to return to your dentist for regular checkups and adjustments. Sometimes it takes a few attempts before the dentures fit right.

How Are Dentures Made?

Dentures are typically made using acrylic materials, such as acrylic resin. The process of making them usually starts by taking a mold of your mouth. The dental technician will turn this into a model that will provide the basis for your dentures.

Making sure the dentures fit involves a little bit of trial and error. The dentist and technician will want to make sure that their mold is accurate according to your measurements. It is better for them to make adjustments incrementally, based on the real contours of your mouth.

The process of making the complete replacement generally involves several visits and includes follow-up care to adjust them for improved comfort and fit. After that, the care of the dentures largely belongs to you.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

You need to take care of your dentures in the same way you take care of your teeth. In some ways, denture care might require even more effort. Brush and floss them to keep them free of food and bacteria. Some tips include:

  • Rinse dentures before brushing.
  • Utilize a toothbrush with soft bristles and use a cleaner that will not scratch.
  • Make sure to clean your mouth thoroughly, including your gums, cheeks, the roof of your mouth, and especially your tongue.
  • Cover the dentures in water when not wearing them to avoid warping.
  • Use adhesive creams, powders, strips, or liquids as needed.

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