Regular medical check-ups now are arguably even more important than they were before. Still, too many individuals and families are forgoing dental care. As such they’ve put off scheduling their child’s annual orthodontic services with Lovett Dental Upper Kirby. There are several benefits to maintaining good oral health. Our orthodontics specialists can help individuals and families improve and maintain overall good oral health. They can also act preventatively to ensure minor issues don’t become significant.

At Lovett Dental Upper Kirby, we’re committed to providing the best possible treatment for each patient in our care. To that end, whether you need orthodontic services or a general dentistry service, we can help. For more information about the services we provide, please contact Lovett Dental Upper Kirby today at 713-490-8888.

Orthodontics Give You The Smile You’ve Always Wanted

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Many people are unhappy with the straightness of their teeth. They may feel embarrassed when they smile or have an increased number of cavities because they can’t properly brush their teeth. Fortunately, today, the process of getting orthodontics can address these problems. Our services will help to straighten the patient’s teeth, giving them a healthier-looking smile. In addition, it can help them maintain and improve their oral health.

The Process of Getting Orthodontics

Once you’ve decided to get orthodontics, your first step is to reach out to our treatment team. We can provide a consultation and determine whether you are a candidate for braces. Then, our team will design a treatment for you, and provide you with a description of the orthodontic options available for your needs. We offer both traditional braces, ceramic braces, and clear aligner trays.

Once you’ve determined what type of orthodontics you want, the next step is for our team to place the braces. This process requires us to condition the surface of the teeth, which gives us the place where we can place the brackets. Then, we will place the first wire. We will then prime them for the dental cement and place the brackets in pre-determined positions. Once the orthodontics are in place, we adjust them periodically. This adjustment can cause some discomfort at first, but in the end, you’ll have a smile that you’ll love.

When Should You Seek Orthodontic Services

Childhood and teenage years are one of the most important periods in one’s life to regularly see an orthodontist. This is because this is the period in which new teeth are forming and coming through one’s gums. Regular orthodontic services help ensure those new teeth don’t become impacted and cause pain (very common with wisdom teeth). When you choose preventative, proactive orthodontic services, we can make recommendations like braces and retainers to ensure proper tooth growth. Our orthodontist team can also help ensure issues like gum disease are halted in their tracks before they become damaging issues.

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Our team at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby is proud to have experienced and compassionate dental professionals on our team. We make patients feel safe and comfortable at our office, so they are confident they are receiving the dental care they need. It also encourages positive habits. We specialize not only in child orthodontics services but adult orthodontic services as well. We also offer a range of additional services, including:

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