It’s common for people to have teeth removed. Sometimes when this happens, the gap created causes the bone in the area to breakdown. This can create significant damage and impact the alignment of your teeth. Ridge augmentation may be able to fix this for you. At Lovett Dental Upper Kirby, we offer a wide range of ridge augmentation services to help restore your smile and improve your overall oral health.

Why Do You Need Ridge Augmentation?woman looks at the results of her ridge augmentation

Many people do not know they need ridge augmentation services until they have an oral exam. You may need this if you have lost a tooth for some reason. That includes tooth extractions. When this happens, and there is no replacement tooth inserted, such as a dental implant, it may lead to jawbone recession. The bone in the area starts to breakdown and weaken.  Sometimes, this can happen when you have TMJ disorder as well.

How Do Ridge Augmentation Services Fix This?

The goal of ridge augmentation is to fill in that gap and encourage new bone growth. You do not want your jawbone to begin to decay like this, as it can impact the health, strength, and overall condition of the surrounding teeth. With ridge augmentation, we’re fixing the problem at the source of it.

We will place a small amount of bone from another area of your body under the gumline during this type of procedure. It will remain there and grow. As it does, it forms with the existing jawbone and becomes very strong. This helps to encourage new bone growth as well. We can ensure you have a properly filled in space and that any indentations caused by the missing tooth are removed.

Our board-certified oral surgeon handles the process for you. This includes managing:

  • Tissue grafting
  • Bone grafting
  • The ridge augmentation solutions
  • Healing management
  • Appliance placement as needed

What Happens After Ridge Augmentation?

When you come in for ridge augmentation, we will provide you with a full examination and x-rays. We then create a plan to address the problem. Once you have the procedure, there will be some time for healing and bone growth to continue. From there, we work to improve your overall oral health.

It is best not to leave that space open in most situations because the same problem can occur again. Instead, you may want to consider dental implants, a type of artificial tooth root and structure that not only can restore your smile but also help to ensure jawbone growth and long-term health. Our team will talk to you about this process.

Improving Your Oral Health Usually Goes Further

Many people who need ridge augmentation services may also have other dental health needs. Our team at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby can help you with all of them. We are a full-service dental office using the most advanced techniques and methods to ensure your oral health is as good as it can be.

When you come in for ridge augmentation, we may discuss other concerns you may have or make recommendations to see one of our specialists. Embrace taking care of your teeth by using our exceptional services. Let us help you with:

Improve Your Smile with Help from Lovett Dental Upper Kirby

Ridge augmentation is one of the services our team can offer to you to improve your smile. To learn more about the wide range of solutions we offer at Lovett Dental Upper Kirby, give us a call at 713-490-8888 or contact us online We can schedule ridge augmentation services for you or get started with an exam.